Why Do I Need A Twitter Account?

Because Your Customers Do!

Twitter, like most social media, can be a big pain in the butt. Let’s face it, constant interaction with thousands of people can be a bit tiresome, boring, and just a big old pain. The facts still remain, social media is here to stay and it must be embraced for the good of your business.

The world is on Twitter, and the reach that it has, and will have, is enormous. The most recent case study we can look at is Brad Keselowski who is a Nascar driver in the Cup Series (Follow Brad On Twitter). Last night, at the never ever ever ever ending Daytona 500 a huge wreck occurred.

This, of course, is nothing new for pack racing but what was so significant about this wreck in particular is that it marked the first time live tweeting occurred on a track. Brad had a special compartment built for his phone inside of his car, and was tweeting occasionally from the race.

After the wreck, and during the two hour wait before the race track could be reopened, Brad was tweeting from inside his car. Because he could provide the most up to date information on the wreck, his Twitter followers went from 55k to over 200k in a matter of two hours. That means 200k people are now hanging onto Brad’s tweets. Brad has embraced this new form of marketing and I can guarantee you that he will make loads of money because he has. This is but a small example of the power of Twitter and other forms of social media. Neglect it at the peril of your business!

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Jonathan is head of J.D. Byrd Company which provides brand development, online marketing and web development.

His career started by selling candy at age 8 to his friends. With such an auspicious start how could he not be in marketing?

Jonathan is married with 7 children (five girls and two boys) and currently resides in the Ozarks In Arkansas.

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