Marketing Plans

Why You Must Have A Plan

If you don’t have a Marketing Plan then you will never reach your goal. It’s that simple. Many people put together marketing plans with little or no thought simply because, “it’s what you are supposed to do,” but these plans are key to the success and failure of many businesses. The best way of looking at the task of writing a marketing plan is to break it down into two simple categories: goals and benchmarks.

Once you have sat down for a while, thought for many hours, and written out the goals you want your business to achieve, then you will have the foundation of your marketing plan. After this first step, you will have to analyze the many different avenues that can be explored to attain these goals (benchmarks) and then put them in writing see which paths offer the greatest reward for the least amount of risk.

After many years of meeting with clients, the most common failing I have found is that they continue to try to move forward without proper planning. They have no clear vision, and as a result, everything suffers. I am not going to get too much into the technical aspects of writing a report, as many templates abound. (I have put two of them here that can be used as loose guidelines.) Suffice it to say that writing a good Marketing Plan is only achieved through careful thought and thorough analysis of the environment that surrounds the particular business that you are in.

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Jonathan is head of J.D. Byrd Company which provides brand development, online marketing and web development.

His career started by selling candy at age 8 to his friends. With such an auspicious start how could he not be in marketing?

Jonathan is married with 7 children (five girls and two boys) and currently resides in the Ozarks In Arkansas.

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